Moving In

We just moved.  Again.  And when I say “just,” I mean 2 months ago.  I still have not hung any pictures or curtains, and I haven’t touched the guest room.

In fact, I have 18 boxes still waiting to be emptied.

You would think, given all my experience with moving, I would have it down to a science.  After all, thanks to the US Navy, our family has relocated 12 times over the past 18 years.  It has never gotten easier.  No matter how organized I try to be prior to the move, I still end up digging my shoes out of a box labeled “photo albums”.

And then there is the ever-present collection of leftovers–the things I can’t find a place for in the new house.  Usually, the pile includes Halloween decorations, table cloths that don’t fit in the linen closet now, pictures that don’t seem quite right on the new living room walls, and even furniture that doesn’t quite fit in the new floor plan.

For our last move, I cheated and threw all the leftovers in the basement.  We were expected to host a change of command party for 50+ guests within a week of moving in, so I just shoved it all down there and closed the door.  No such luck this time: we don’t have a basement.

Why not just get rid of it all?  Well, after our next move, I might be kicking myself for giving away that accent table or drapes.  I’m sure they will fit perfectly in the next new house.


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  1. Annie

    Yay!!!! Love it!

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