Great While It Lasted

Open Windows

After a LONG, hot summer, we just had a short, sweet taste of Fall.  For 2 straight days, I turned off the air conditioning.  That’s right. Off.  Every window in the house was open.  Of course, it’s way too early to imagine that open windows will be the norm.  Around here, that won’t happen for at least another 3 weeks.  But, oh, how I love at the end of a season when the house has been all sealed up for months, to throw open all the windows and air things out.  Unfortunately, all I could hear with those windows wide open was the hum of everyone else’s air conditioner.

Who knew I was the green one?  Well, I suspected it.  (See this post).  I’m all about energy conservation, mainly because it saves you money.  See, we moved from New England a few months ago.  The cost of electricity and heating oil up there could have sent us to the poorhouse.  It’s cheaper down South where we live now, but we got used to being miserly about our energy consumption.  Our AC gets set at 79, and if the outside temp is anywhere below 82 or so, I shut off the AC.  Living in Hawaii with no central air and only the Trade Winds to keep us cool also conditioned us to enjoy moderate temperatures.

I’m not sure what’s up with all of our neighbors.  Maybe they are all severe allergy sufferers who can’t stand the fresh air.  Could they all be going through menopause and having hot flashes?  Not likely, given the number of preschoolers in the neighborhood.  It must be that they have never felt the pinch when the electric bill arrives in the mail.  I guess that’s one more hidden benefit to moving every 2 years.  I get to experience the varying utility costs around the country.

Today, though, the windows are closed tight, and the AC is cranked back on.  We have plenty more steamy days to come.  Those couple of gorgeous, fresh air days just might get me through until Fall arrives for good.  Ahhhh.


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