Feed Your Own Kid!…or, Baseball Team Snacks

The Fall Ball season has begun.  Junior plays in our community league in the 13-14 year old bracket.  Did you get that?  These kids are either in 8th grade or high school.  So why in the world do parents still have to bring team snacks for every game?? 

The games start at either 5:45 p.m., 9 a.m., or 11 a.m.  The 2 morning start times are right between meal times.  Eat a full meal either before or after the game, and you’re good.  The evening games can make it a bit trickier to work in a decent meal.  We just have Junior eat something light before and after.  What’s so hard about figuring that out?  In other words, team snacks have nothing to do with hunger.  Coach said he tried to do away with snacks last season, but it “didn’t go over well.”  I wonder if it was the kids or the parents who complained.

I’m tired of having to drag a cooler full of Gator Ade and those stupid little bags of chips to games.  What’s wrong with parents just bringing drinks and a snack for their own kid if he can’t make it through the game and the 10 minute drive home unless he eats something?  I quit feeding my kid every 2 hours a long time ago.  If kids really are starving, they do have a concession stand at the field.  The proceeds even go back to the league.   And they sell hot dogs, soda, gum, candy, sports drinks–all the same garbage that I’m supposed to give out as freebies at snack time.

So, let’s see if I have things straight.  These boys are about high school age.  They hate to be called children.  They probably all have their own cell phones.  They are allowed to watch adult TV rather than just Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.  So is it unreasonable to expect them to decide if they are going to get hungry at a game or not and to bring along a snack or not?  They want to be treated more like adults and be given more freedom.  Well, here’s their chance.  Welcome to the grown-up world.  After all, when I have to spend 2 hours at the DMV, no one hands out snacks.  Neither are there traffic attendants who pass out refreshments during traffic jams.  Kids who wear cleats size 9 and above and have hands that are bigger than mine have no business sticking them out demanding mini bags of Doritos.

 A snack schedule has been made, and my name is on it.  I could refuse to bring anything out of protest, but where’s the fun in that?  Instead, I told Junior I plan to bring a bag of apples.


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