Fashion Police Again…Mom Weighs In

This weekend I took SuzyQ shopping for some fall clothes.  She is 16, and we have never really had battles over what clothes are considered appropriate.  We simply have a 2-way veto policy:  I can veto anything she picks out, and she can veto my selections.  So far, so good.   Nevertheless, shopping for clothes in the Juniors department is torture.

Take jeans, for example.  The average zipper length on jeans for teenage girls must be about 3 inches.  How do girls sit in them?  And I don’t even want to discuss what underwear is appropriate for something “ultra low-rise.”   Who knew that “low-rise” was just the beginning of the torment?  This fall, the hot trend is the “jegging”: leggings made out of denim.  Essentially, they’re tights.  Back in the 80’s (my high school and college era), we wore leggings under giant sweatshirts that came almost to our knees.  Today’s teens see nothing amiss about wearing these “jeggings” just like they would any other pants: with just a t-shirt.

Image from Macy's

Doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination, does it?  Just because there’s no skin showing doesn’t make it any less objectionable.  The rule at our house is that skinny jeans or leggings automatically get paired with a top that covers the butt.  No exceptions.

Take another look at the picture, and you might notice the shoes.  Am I the only one who is reminded of a street walker?   I can’t think of any occasion that would call for a teenage girl to wear 4-inch platform stilettos.

Every generation has its questionable fashions.  I get that.  What I don’t get is how any girl in her right mind could imagine that clothes like these would produce anything but slutty looks and remarks.  If clothes are the way teens express themselves, what is a girl in this outfit trying to say?  And what kind of parent lets her daughter parade around dressed like this?  Not an uncommon one, that’s for sure.


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