I Confess

I watch “Glee”.  I know, there are so many reasons this show is bad.  It is probably the epitome of the whole shoving-tolerance-down-your-throat thing that I posted about here.  I also hate that this show is considered family viewing.  It really is anything but.  Just because it is the story of high school kids, that doesn’t mean it’s “High School Musical- the Series.”  There is a whole lot to object to that is portrayed as normal teen behavior: slutty, bitchy cheerleader; slutty, dumb cheerleader; openly gay boy on the prowl; kids casually changing up sexual partners.  These kids are so worldly that it’s hard to imagine that they still have growing up to do.  SuzyQ watches it with me on the DVR only after we get the green light for content from someone who has already viewed it.

So why on earth would I watch a program that seems to glorify everything I despise about American culture?  I’m a sucker for musicals.  I was a chorus geek in high school.  (We didn’t have a glee club or show choir.)  I traveled to competitions and tried out for solos.  Funny, but I never felt ridiculed like the kids in “Glee” experience.  In fact, lots of kids thought it was cool to be vocally talented.  Luckily, we didn’t add choreography to our performances.  I was rhythmically challenged for a long time until I took up ballroom dance as an adult.  Anyway, I like the musical parts of the show.  I just wish they would lay off the hip-hop and trashy songs.

More importantly, though, the adult characters draw me in.  They are all hysterically funny, with the exception of Mr. Schu, who is at his best when he sings.  I love that the guidance counselor has severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Since I tend that way myself at times, I can empathize and laugh all at once.  I love the scenes with the principal addressing the student body.  They are laugh-out-loud funny.

And, of course, there is Sue Sylvester.  I think it is universally agreed that she makes the show.  Her character is so real.  She says what everyone else is afraid to say out loud:

  • ” I’m gonna make it a habit to not stop and talk to students because this has been a colossal waste of my time.” (Season 1, Episode 18)
  • “[Ramps] are what I call lazy-makers. They discourage able-bodied students from getting proper exercise by using the stairs.” (Season 1, Episode 9)    
  • “Caning works! And I think it’s about time we did a little more of it right here… yes, we cane!” (Season 1, Episode 4)

I love to see a politically incorrect character that you want to hate but just can’t because you know there’s a grain of truth is most of what she says.  She makes you think that if there were more parents and teachers with just a little bit of Sue Sylvester in them, our kids would be better off.  If only we were a little less afraid of damaging kids’ self-esteem, a little less afraid of telling them the cold, hard truth sometimes, kids might reap the rewards.  Tough love!

So there’s my guilty pleasure.  I just wish I could get my weekly dose of hearty laughter without having to stomach all of the trash that comes with it.


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