Avalanche!!…of Laundry

It’s been several days since my last post, and this is the best I can do?  Laundry??  The fact is, I do feel like an avalanche of laundry is crashing down around me.  My laundry “room” (basically the size of a small walk-in closet) is at the top of the stairs, so every time I go up the stairs, I’m confronted with the heaping piles.  I try to tell myself that once we get out of fall baseball season–in which the baseball uniform takes near-top priority in the laundry hierarchy–things will get better.  Except that I had laundry piles before baseball season started.

So after doing some analysis, I realize that my problem is not the actually getting the clothes into the washer; it’s what comes after that.  I hate to fold, and I don’t feel I should have to put away everyone else’s clothes.  Everyone in this household is certainly old enough to do that for themselves.  Ultimately, this results in every laundry basket we own remaining full of clean, often unfolded clothes.  Thus, when I want to round up the dirty laundry, I have nothing to put it in.  Nor is there a ready basket to hold the clothes that must come out of  the dryer.  Furthermore, I’m married to a creature of habit, who insists on having his shirts and undershirts folded a particular way.  This is time-consuming and requires a clean, flat surface for folding.

So I recognize my shortcomings.  Now it’s time for solutions.  I have been reading lots of “simplifying your life” blogs and magazine articles.  Mostly, they recommend devising a system.  Wash certain loads on certain days, or start every day with a load of laundry.  The former idea used to seem pretty OCD to me, and the latter seemed downright depressing. (What a way to start the day!)  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  Neither of these suggestions address my specific areas of failure, though.  Then I came across this post from the Small Notebook blog.  The author tells it like it is about the need to fold and put away.  And she offers some tips:

  • You don’t need to fold your underwear unless you just want to.

  • Socks can be washed in a bag. If you have a hard time identifying to whom they belong, write the person’s initial on the toe with a permanent marker.

  • Most of our clothes go on hangers in the closet. I think it’s easier, and I like it better than trying to get a folded t-shirt off the bottom of the stack in a drawer.

  • Now I would jump up and down if I didn’t have to fold undershirts, but darling husband would not be too happy.  I don’t think I would want to mess around with socks in a bag, but marking Junior’s socks might make life a little easier now that he wears the same size as Dad.  I’m on the fence about hanging up most things.  That would require some serious re-organization of my closet.  And something about hanging up jeans or darling husband’s workout gear doesn’t seem right.

    Where does that leave me?  It seems that I need to a: get the kids to start putting their stuff away! and b: figure out how to break old habits. Both of those things really have little to do with laundry and more to do with attitude changes.  Sigh.  So much for an easy “leave your comments about how to make laundry easier” fix.


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