A New Look and March Madness

No, not that kind of March Madness.  While I have my share of talk about “brackets” between Darling Husband and Junior and their office pool, the March Madness I’m referring to has nothing to do with basketball.  I have always told the kids that spring is the season that can’t make up its mind.  Little did I know that the whole month of March would turn out to be pretty much schizophrenic with its little successes followed rapidly by fiascos.

Exhibit A:  Yeah!  The weather has turned somewhat decent on a fairly consistent basis!  That means the heat is running a lot less, and so the electric bill has hit an all-time low.  “And there was much rejoicing!”  Until the cell phone bill arrives.  Why is it so hard to get billing right on a wireless plan?  You choose the plan, stay within its parameters, and get the same bill every month.  When you need to make changes, you call, changes are made, billing changes to what you discussed.  After all, “calls are monitored for quality control,” so everyone should be on the same page.  Um.  No.  Apparently, it’s equal to brain surgery, and only a select few are capable of billing accuracy.

Exhibit B:  Soon (God willing) we won’t need to run the heat at all.  Better get the A-C checked out to make sure it’s ready to run.  That’s what responsible homeowners do, right?  We did it last year, and the system got a clean bill of health.  So how is it that 9 months later, we need to replace 4 capacitors?  Now, until this past Monday, I couldn’t have picked a capacitor out of a line-up, although I did know they had something to do with motors and involved electricity.

No, I don't mean the flux capacitor.

Last summer: all 4 good.  Now: all 4 bad.  Interesting.

Exhibit C:  What kind of animal comes out in the daytime, leaves no discernible tracks, and eats daffodil blooms?  Answer: small, hooligan children.  It’s exciting to see my daffodils come up each spring.  I seem to forget that they’re under there, especially after digging mammoth weeds out of the flower beds all summer.  But, sure enough, the brave green stems force their way through the mulch and then take their sweet time to reveal the creamy white double blooms.  These are no ordinary narcissus.  Imagine, then, my utter dismay to find that all of the blossoms are simply missing one afternoon.  No tattered remains left by a bird; no knocked-down stems or dug-up mulch.  This has all the makings of the group of small children who play across everyone’s yards helping themselves to the flowers by just grabbing them by the heads.  Well, someone in the neighborhood was a surprised Mommy when the kids came home with a handful of daffodil heads.

March has been loaded with these little ups and down.  I call it “malarkey.”  When it piles up, it annoys the crap out of me.

As an antidote to the malarkey, I decided to give the blog a make-over.  I was going for something a little cleaner, less cluttered.  Spring cleaning and all that.  I hope you like it.


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