Never Blog about Girdles

Lesson learned.  When you mention pieces of lingerie or undergarments in a blog post, the weirdos come a-callin’.  You end up with some search terms that really make you scratch your head.  I have blogged in the past about interesting search terms that led folks to the Uncommonhousewife here, and it’s still funny to read the terms like free-form poetry:

How long to stay mad at your dog

Talbots mom;

Daffodils come up now its freezing.

Martha Stewart brown alpaca paint

British Airways first class pajamas.

Making girdles,

70s girdle,

Girdle “patricia”,

Retro girdles.

The milk cow urban dictionary

Rainboots puddles

Poems about cheese.

In all, I had 11 separate search terms involving girdles.  Since we are family friendly around here, I can’t mention all of them.  Creepy reprobates.  I’m also still plagued by referrer spam, making the whole “page view” thing rather pointless.  The spam bots aren’t out looking for the girdles, though.  They seem most drawn to the posts for Memorial Day and the Rapture.  Interesting.


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