Pictionary, Anyone??

Way back in March, after the horrible Japanese earthquake and tsunami, I posted about feeling so exhausted and helpless in the face of the calamity that there was nothing left to do but play Pictionary to restore some sanity.  I guess it must be time to break out the game again.  This actually was supposed to be yesterday’s post.  It was the Monday after a family vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  A wonderful time was had by all, but I was looking the daily grind square in the face again.  The end-of-vacation blues are bad enough.  But wait…there’s more!!

Last Friday all the way through to yesterday, nothing but bad news blared from the TV and radio.  My dad likes to have the TV on in the background all day.  Usually, it’s tuned to EWTN, but the vacation home didn’t get that station.  Fox News was the substitute.  So I got plenty of coverage of the financial Armageddon the country is plunging into.  It’s not a good thing to wake up each morning on your vacation wondering how bad it’s going to be today.  Luckily, wiping out on a boogie board has a way of clearing the mind for a little while.

There was also real tragedy to ponder.  In the time it took for a helicopter to fall from the sky, 30 American heroes lost their lives in Afghanistan.  I live in an area filled with military members.  News like that really hurts here, especially because some of the fallen called this community home.  Reading about these men is both inspiring and heartbreaking.  They were all passionate about what they were doing.  Hear that, America?  They were passionate about hunting down the terrorists that you had forgotten were plotting to destroy us.

I tried to distract myself yesterday by editing some vacation photos with Photoshop Elements.  This is supposed to be the friendlier, accessible-to-amateurs software??  Does anyone think it’s easy to trace around people in photos without cutting off ears or elbows?  Lasso is the perfect name for the tool because that’s exactly what it feels like: imagine trying to use a lasso to extract a splinter from your finger.  A diversion from tragedy and economic apocalypse, yes.  A pleasant diversion, no.

All of that was yesterday.  Like a whole lot of other people. I’m sure, I opened my eyes this morning thinking, “Now what?”  I guess the answer for me is to let go of the big picture for a while.  After all, thinking about the future of our country, whether my children will have a lower standard of living when they reach adulthood, the number of widows and grieving parents the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will ultimately create, etc. is too much for someone in a post-vacation funk.  Otherwise, I might get so worked up that I’ll begin calling congressmen or organize a “Stop the Spending NOW” rally or some such thing.  Hmmm.


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