A Rant about the 9-11 Anniversary

Is it possible that I am so uncommon?  That I’m the only one in America who thinks that this country has completely lost its mind about how to remember the 9-11 attacks?  In case you haven’t heard, September 11th is officially known as the National Day of Service and Remembrance.  Our Dear Ruler signed this declaration in 2009, calling the day “an opportunity to salute the heroes of 9/11, recapture the spirit of unity and compassion that inspired our Nation following the attacks, and rededicate ourselves to sustained service to our communities.”

Will someone please explain how we could have allowed the memory of the worst attack on our country since 1941 to turn into some kind of love-fest about compassion, unity, and service??  Hey, I’m all for compassion and service.  But those ideals have absolutely nothing to do with the September 11th attacks.  Where is the connection between the acts of hatred perpetrated upon our country resulting in nearly 3000 lives lost and service projects such as the following recommended in teaching materials on 9-11 at Scholastic:

  • Organize a pet adoption drive.
  • Plant trees.
  • Teach others how to recycle.
  • Collect sports donations for a local youth group.
  • Help register voters.

Oh, wait!  Did you catch that last one–about registering voters??  Nothing suspicious at all about the President, who is the head of his political party, calling on school children to drum up voters.

More to the point, though, where is the mention of paying tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks?  What about educating students about the bravery of those who fought back against the attackers on Flight 93?  How about paying tribute to firefighters and police officers everywhere, who routinely sacrifice their lives to protect others?  For older students, what about discussing events that led to these attacks, the warning signs we missed, the painful lesson of complacency?

Instead the lessons will focus on the “spirit of unity,” multiculturalism, and community-building.  Heaven forbid our delicate American youth learn that there are those around the world who hate us and who wish to do us great harm simply because of who we are and what we have achieved.  Perish the thought that school children discover that we have enemies who will act without hesitation to take the lives of non-combatants, innocents.

My children have very hazy, if any, memories of 9-11.  You can be sure, though, that they will not grow up learning that we observe the day as a chance to go out into the community and pick up trash.


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  1. Annie

    DMA had a 9/11 ceremony where we relived the last words of the 9/11 heroes, listened to a talk on how America is winning the war on terrorism and then stood while Taps was played. Very nice!

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