Don’t Blink–It’s October!!

You might miss it if you blink!!  At least that’s how I feel.  I know it’s bad when WordPress needs me to log in again.  It has been so long that it doesn’t even remember me.  I check my post listing and see that I have a grand total of 2 for the month, which will be over in 4 days.

I love fall.  I can’t wait to open all the windows to let some fresh, not-humid air in the house.  I love having to throw on a sweater because there is just a hint of chill in the air.  Who can resist the beauty of autumn foliage?  OK.  I admit I had a love-hate relationship with the leaves during our short stay in New England.  As lovely as the leaves were, they were also a nightmare to deal with in the yard and the gutters of the house.  Nevertheless.

The crazy thing about fall is that it is over almost before it begins.  All of those cozy fall sweaters are on clearance in the stores already, and the only ones left are the sizes no one can wear or the itchy ones.  Thank you Macy’s for putting up your Christmas decorations 2 weeks ago!!  Target displays Halloween costumes and Christmas lights at the same time.  Yes, that’s the old curmudgeon in me complaining about the hurry-up-and-get-to-Christmas mentality of retailers, again.  (Here was last year’s rant thoughtful post on the subject.)  The problem for me, though, is that there is so much else going on in life at this time of year that I hardly need retailers to accelerate the pace any more.

In September, the school year seems fresh and orderly.  The textbooks are new and interesting.  Everyone’s outlook is positive.  Come October, though, some panic sets in.  The 8-week mark comes and goes, and it occurs to the kids–and me–that, “Crap!  We need to step up the pace or we will end up just like last year!”  Maybe a Columbus Day holiday wasn’t such a good idea.  Maybe we had better plan on a working Thanksgiving.

And having a high school senior is a game-changer.  All of a sudden, the frenzy to get to Christmas is all too real.  That’s because all of the college applications are due by January 1st.  So in addition to the regular school workload, SuzyQ has to squeeze in writing essays for each application, crafting a student resume, tracking down teachers to write letters of recommendation, finishing up standardized testing, and I must be forgetting something else.  Nothing new here, I know.  Seniors have been dealing with this for years.  Doesn’t make it any easier, though; and somehow the time slips away no matter how well you think you have planned.

That’s just the regular stuff.  When you add in extracurriculars, life starts feeling a bit like the Teacup Ride.  Chorus ramps up rehearsals for the holiday season concerts.  Homecoming and college reunion eat up a weekend (in a good way!).  My snow bird in-laws decide to stop by on their way South for the winter:  that means a cleaning frenzy.  And there’s garden clean-up (mine and/or my parents depending on how many hours I can find to do it), lawn treatment for fall (Is it weed and feed or just feed?), sudden pet illnesses, and Junior outgrew all of his pants.

What?! It’s November next week?  I guess I better start making room in the freezer and refrigerator for a turkey.  I did notice the massive display of Thanksgiving Dinner foods in my local grocery store last week.  Has the big sale on turkeys come and gone, too?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of hyper-ventilating our way from October to January, we could all just enjoy the scenery of fall?  Autumn leaves, sweaters, hot chocolate, afghans, coziness–that is fall, right?  Just sayin’.


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  1. “Crap! We need to step up the pace or we will end up just like last year!”

    It’s uncanny how you knew our homeschooling motto. Maybe it would sound better in Latin…

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