A Quick Look at Why Our Civilization Is Doomed

Have you seen the show on National Geographic Channel called “Doomsday Preppers?”  I’m certain that the intent of the show’s creators and the network is to portray anyone who feels a sense of dread about the direction society is headed as a certifiable nutcase.  By singling out extremists who are stockpiling food and practicing bug-out drills with their family, the show mocks anyone who fears civil unrest, financial collapse, or even the rioting and looting sure to occur after a natural disaster.

The thing is, the people featured on these shows really are not the crazy ones.  What they are preparing for –albeit in incredible ways– is bound to happen, one way or another.  How do I know that Doomsday is inevitable?  Well, there are the obvious indicators, like the national debt crisis or the concessions our regime is planning to give to Russia after the election is over (but no one was supposed to know about) or the fact that if you want to fill your car with gas, you better have a wheelbarrow full of cash these days.  But those topics are far too intellectual to capture the attention of your typical American.  Instead, let’s look at some more subtle but easier-to-relate-to indicators.  Just check out these glimpses at what passes for normal, acceptable life in America:

  • The responsibility for choosing an appropriate prom dress for teenage girls has fallen to…high schools?!  I know, it’s just too hard for a mom or dad to say “No,” to their princess when she wants to attend her senior prom in Hollywood Slut style.  Much easier to just have the schools be the bad guys.  After all, schools have nothing more important to do than prepare Power Point presentations on acceptable evening attire for 17-18 year-old girls.  Definitely better for your school principal to explain why a skirt slit up to your crotch is inappropriate rather than having your mom do it.


  •  I’m not sure which is worse about this viral video of a grown woman who can’t comprehend the concept of miles per hour: the fact that she is such an unfortunate cliché of the “dumb blonde” who is apparently the product of our fine American education system, or the fact that her HUSBAND thought it would be appropriate to share this not-so-flattering video of his wife with the whole world.  Just your typical American young couple who want their 15 minutes of fame, I guess.  I’m sure they both vote, too.
  • If you are not already in line to buy your Mega Millions lottery ticket, you are missing you best shot at financial security.  Or that’s what millions of Americans in the 42 states that participate in the lottery believe.  Staying in school, working hard, setting aside some savings each month, spending wisely: that’s for fuddy-duddies.  Why not just toss that $100 you might have tucked away for a rainy day at the convenience store clerk in exchange for lottery tickets and wait for the $640 million check to arrive in the mail?  Fine print for all of you lotto fanatics:  Odds of winning–well you’re 50 times more likely to be struck by lightning.  If you want the lump sum, a penalty will be subtracted.  Uncle Sam will help himself to 25% before the check is even cut.  And your state will take between 3% and 10% depending on where you live.  Oh, and there’s a pretty good chance you will end up miserable and broke within a few years of your big win.  But never mind all that– this is your big chance!!

Welcome to America.  These are the voters responsible for choosing the government officials who will steer this country…right onto the express lane to Doomsday.  Watch the show.  You’ll thank me later.


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