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Random and Absurd

Busy time of year–April and May.  You keep plugging along, doing the same old stuff, and then it seems like someone hit the fast-forward button once you turn the calendar page to April.  Sadly, this means I have little mental energy to give to well-developed blog posts right now.  What I have to offer instead are some musings on some silly and absurd bits and pieces that have stayed with me–instead of the important stuff that keeps slipping my mind.

  • Azaleas are lovely this time of year.  Well, everyone else’s azaleas are lovely.  Fun fact: If your dog routinely pees on your azaleas, they will not bloom.  You see, according to the United States National Arboretum, too much nitrogen encourages growth of foliage rather than flower buds.  Bad dog.
  • Is this the perfect gift for Mother’s Day?I found an ad for these Lourdes water body products in my inbox.  This just seems wrong to me, though I can’t put my finger on exactly the reason why.  I’ve never been to Lourdes, but I have visited other pilgrimage sites.  They are all commercialized to some extent.  But a line of body products??
  • The people who create fonts either have the most fun job in the world or are completely insane.  Otherwise, how would they come up with font names such as “Enchanted Prairie Dog,” “Empire of Dirt,” or “Soymilk?”  None of these spoke to me as I was looking for script-like fonts to download.  I’m not sure what image “Prairie Dog” is supposed to convey in reagrds to fonts.
  • I am still a babe in the woods when it comes to social media.  Have you noticed the Twitter hashtags that appear on the TV screen during your favorite shows?  (Incidently, I had to look up the term “hashtags” to make sure I was using it correctly.)  I guess this is for the benefit of people with short attention spans so they can tweet their comments about the show to friends before they forget what they want to say.  Also, can someone explain to me what it means when a friend posts nothing but a heart on Facebook?  I’m assuming it means something nice, but couldn’t they be a little more specific about why we should all know about their heart?

Right.  That’s that then.  Carry on.


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Uncommon, not Useless, Thank You Very Much

My initial reaction was, “No.  She couldn’t really have just said that.”  But yes, indeedy, Democrat National Committee advisor Hilary Rosen actually did say out loud what so many liberals and progressives think.  You know: full-time, at-home moms have no business attempting to contribute to discussions on politics, economics, or any intellectual topic.  Due to an un-named and unstudied phenomenon, the brains of these women immediately turn to mush as soon as they make the decision to raise their own children (rather than contracting them out), rendering them incapable of intelligent thought about anything other than diapers, playdates, potty training, and Nick Jr. programming.

So much about this flare-up is offensive to me–and I hope, to other housewives.  Where to begin:

It has nothing to do with whether being a mother is work or not.  It’s ridiculous how White House spokesfool Jay Carney and Michelle Obama and CNN talking head Suzanne Malveaux all tried to appear sympathetic by affirming that raising children is a difficult “job.”  That’s not the point, and they know it.

Does Hilary Rosen (and her ilk) actually believe that full-time moms have no grasp on the economic realities of families??  Who does she think buys the groceries, heads to the pharmacy for yet another round of antibiotics, decides whether to put off having the brakes on the minivan done until after Christmas or whether they can’t wait that long, budgets for Christmas shopping so that it won’t look like you are skimping this year, tracks down used sports equipment or band instruments, scours the clearance racks for past season clothes, and so on and so on.  Housewives, Ms. Rosen, are keenly aware of what it means to stretch a paycheck–a single paycheck, mind you.

(CAROL) COSTELLO: Ann Romney doesn’t have to go outside and work. (SUZANNE) MALVEAUX: It’s a luxury to be able to choose.  This is such a crock!!  They just keep trying to sell this notion that most women have to work outside the home or their children will starve.  I suppose if you call going without unlimited data plans on your household’s 4 smart phones starving, then it’s true.  If you call skipping the annual trip to Disney World starving, then it’s true.  Dining out once a month instead of twice a week, making the kids mow lawns or shovel snow to fund their own XBox game purchases,  foregoing the TV and DVR in each child’s room and making them watch television in the family room: all equivalent to starving.  But what about single moms, you ask.  They really do have to work to support their family, right?  Umm…except in the case of widows, single motherhood is preventable.

Ms. Rosen voiced the sentiments that so many share but dare not speak: that housewives are useless in this age of day care on every street corner, worthless for not adding to the family income, and a horrible role model for daughters in their waste of a college degree and embrace of their femininity.  This housewife can only hope and pray that this firestorm will open the eyes of moms who vote.  Do you hear what the Democrats think of you?

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Go to Church. There’s Nothing on TV This Week.

It’s Holy Week.  You, know…when Catholics are invited to come to church several days–in a row–and then again on Sunday.  I know!!  Ever since I can remember, my family has strictly observed the Holy Week liturgies, and I have extended that to my husband and children as well.  They have all come to accept as natural the idea that we will head to church on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and for the Vigil Mass on Saturday.  There is a little bit of grumbling since I joined the choir this year and have to appear early each day.

In case you are sitting on the fence as to whether you want to make the effort to get to church in the evenings this week, you should know that you won’t find anything to watch on television that could justify missing out on Mass or Veneration of the Cross.  Here’s the rundown of what the various networks have to offer:

  • The History Channel: Thursday’s programming is the regular lineup.  They do try to make things interesting on Good Friday, though.  Remember that Christians observe the hours between noon and 3:00 as the time Jesus hung on the cross and died.  In other words, that time slot might be worth a few moments of recollection.  In that spirit, you can find a show investigating the question of whether Pope John Paul I might have been murdered at 1 pm.  Then at 2:00, the network looks at the technology of the Old Testament.  Things really get exciting on Saturday afternoon with shows about the Anti-Christ and books banned from the Bible.  For Easter Sunday, it’s back to the regular primetime lineup of an “Ax Men” marathon.
  • The National Geographic Channel: For your viewing pleasure on Holy Thursday, you can enjoy “The Secret Lives of the Apostles” followed by “The Search for the Head of John the Baptist.”  From noon to 3 on Good Friday, viewers are treated to a string of “Taboo.”  On Easter Sunday, it’s all about the Titanic centennial.
  • ABC: Of the 3 major networks, ABC is the only one that offers anything pointing to the Easter and/or Passover season.  On Saturday evening, you can watch “The Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston.

Am I the only one who remembers looking forward to the broadcast of Franco Zeffirelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth” miniseries on TV every year?  Anne Bancroft, Ernest Borgnine, James Earl Jones, Olivia Hussey, Laurence Olivier, Christopher Plummer, Anthony Quinn–all in one movie.  Does it get any better than that?  It was last shown on network TV in 1987.  The best anyone can come up with these days is tabloid “documentaries” about Vatican murder plots or conspiracies about the books of the Bible.

Junior reminds me that The Masters golf tournament is also on this week.  Sorry, Junior.  To the world of professional golf, I say, “Shame on you!”  The organizers really saw nothing amiss with scheduling this major tournament to conflict with both Easter and Passover?

Really.  Just go to church.

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