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What’s Right with America

After last weekend’s tragedy in Arizona, there has been a lot of angry analysis and finger-pointing.  Lots of posturing about how “anyone in this country can just get a hold of a gun and…,” or how “certain talk radio hosts in America are inciting people…”  There has been lots of discussion about what’s wrong with this country.  In my humble opinion, however, this assassination attempt of an Arizona Congresswoman was (until I see evidence otherwise) just as random an event carried out by an insane individual as the attempt on the life of President Reagan in 1981.

I would rather look at what went right on that horrible day:

  • The supremacy of American health care was confirmed.  A woman who was shot at point-blank range through her brain is able, just days after the shooting, to raise both arms and breathe on her own.  Where else in the world could you expect even close to such phenomenal outcomes after an unspeakable trauma such as this?
  • America still produces everyday heroes.  Plenty of stories have emerged about folks in attendance at that event who did what needed to be done to put a stop to the carnage.  Average men and women (some acting on their military training) were able to take down and restrain the killer until law enforcement could take over.  As a society, Americans may be incredibly self-centered and lawsuit-hungry as well as lawsuit-fearing; but in a life-and-death situation, Americans still instinctively do what must be done.
  • Gun sales apparently are spiking after the Arizona shooting.  In fact sales are up by about 60%, according to FBI figures reported by Politico.  What if…someone in the crowd at that event had been carrying (lawfully, with a permit to do so) a concealed weapon, and that someone had fired upon the shooter?  How would the situation have played out then?  Americans still have the right, under the 2nd Amendment, to bear arms.  I like knowing that there are law-abiding citizens out there who are equipped to act in situations exactly like this one and protect their families and perhaps complete strangers as well. 

God bless the Congresswoman and her family, the other victims and their loved ones, and those who mourn a loved one lost that day.


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