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Books vs. Kindle

Do you have a Kindle or other e-reader device?  Now that Amazon has dropped the price on the Kindle again, I’m wondering about it–again.  The new version is smaller and lighter (8.7 oz.), has double the storage capacity (up to 3500 books!!), and has improved battery life.  Imagine carrying all those books around in my purse (or luggage) for just an extra 8 oz.  You see, I take a book everywhere.  I hate to get caught at the doctor’s or orthodontist’s office, DMV, golf-harp-karate-baseball-chorus practice or lesson, etc. without a book.  Some people spend that idle time by whipping out their cell phone and texting away.  Not me.  I consider that prime reading time, and I get a little irritated if I’m in the middle of a chapter when it’s time to go. 

It seems like a no-brainer then.  There are just a few small problems.  First, I’m part of a book sharing circle.  Between my sister and my mom, I can go for months without having to buy a book.  We get together every few weeks and swap shopping bags full of books.  If I get a Kindle, I’m out of the swap.  And I probably make my sister pretty mad.

Second, as my darling husband puts it, I’m a book person.  I love the smell of a new book.  I like the feel of certain types of paper better than others.  The various fonts used in different books interest me.  I go back and forth between a preference for deckle-edge pages and clean-cut ones.  And I do judge a book by its cover art.  The Kindle removes all of that sensory pleasure that goes along with reading.

Kindle Pros: lighter purse and luggage; far fewer bookshelves required; less expensive books (can’t beat $9.99 per title)

Kindle Cons: no more books

What to do…



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