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Welcome to Wild Kingdom

As I was browsing through the blogosphere (For the record, I hate that term.) this morning, I came across this post from Conversion Diary about finding a scorpion in one’s toilet.  This started me reminiscing about all of the wildlife I have had the privilege of encountering as we have bounced around the country courtesy of the U.S. Navy.  I think that’s one of the little-known “benefits” of being a military family.  How else would I get to know all of these various and sundry species:

In an 18-year military career, I have crossed paths with all of these creepy crawlies.  Full disclosure: the black widows only made it as far as the garage (Thank God!), and the snake was hiding in the screen porch.  Oh, and the fire ants were in the yard.  All the others made it into the house.  And wouldn’t you know, they usually all snuck in when darling husband was away from home.  My weapons of choice for extermination are his sneakers and his engineering textbooks.

Do normal, civilian people realize that we military spouses face challenges as ridiculous as this every day?  Every new duty station has brought me a close encounter with things I would rather not get to know.  And it is definitely a challenge trying not to completely freak out over a scorpion in front of your young children.  You don’t want them to be terrified of every corner of your own house, after all.  As the kids got older, they began to be entertained by how many times Mom would have to whack the centipede to actually kill it.  And they could offer ideas as to how to get it out of the house without touching it.  Same with the mice.

This is definitely one military privilege I would gladly decline. 

What is the nastiest visitor you’ve found in your home?


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