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Being “Of a Certain Age”

Maybe it’s the dismal time of year.  Or maybe it’s the onset of the mad cow disease.  I suspect, though, that it was just a symptom of being “of a certain age” that caused me to make a check out to the music teacher using just her first name.  One wonders what the bank staffers thought when they saw “Pay to the Order of…Barbara.”  Now, the music teacher is older than I am, so hopefully she got a sympathetic chuckle out of it.

I realize I’m not old in the grand scheme of things.  Just ask Oprah.  She’ll tell you that 40 is the new 20 or something.  Of course, she’s not the parent of teenagers who find it hilarious when darling husband or I slip and say we’ll “tape it” when we can’t watch a TV show.  Lately, though, I’ve had plenty of reminders that age is not actually relative:

  • All of the hair product and industrial strength flat irons in the world are not going to make my grey hairs behave.
  • Target, Old Navy, and Gap are not good places to shop for clothes.
  • There had better be a really good reason to keep me from getting into my pajamas by 9:00 pm.  Like a mandatory evacuation or an awesome date night.  Hauling kids to and from their social commitments doesn’t count and makes me cranky.
  • A perfectly lovely wool dress thrown over the top of jeans is an outfit??
  • Time management means something completely different to a teenager.  “We need to be out the door in 5 minutes,” and “Use this weekend to get caught up in your History assignments,” must come out of my 40-something mouth sounding like a foreign language.  I always wanted to be multi-lingual.

I think the first thing to go, though, is the ability to multi-task effectively.  Looking back, I can remember feeding a baby while paying the bills while talking on the phone.  Apparently now, as my check-writing demonstrates, I can do one thing at a time well.  Throw in a sudden distraction like the phone ringing or someone asking if I’ve seen their shoes, gloves, library book, etc., and I end up paying any old Barbara.

So here I am, transferring SuzyQ’s revised rehearsal schedule to calendar # 3 because apparently I need reminders on every level of the house and a mobile one as well.  Then I’ll dig out the old check register to remind me again about the regular monthly karate tuition because I can’t remember from one month to the next how much it is.  And did I forget to move that load of towels from the washer into the dryer?  Oh well.  It must be the mad cow.


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Writing about Not Writing

It has been a while since my last post, and I have been feeling lots of internal pressure to write about SOMETHING.  But what??   Darling Husband suggested I comment on the teen pregnancy epidemic at one Memphis high school.  My sister thought I should write about the threats to free speech that are emerging after the Tucson shooting.  Then there is the question of the shooter’s mental illness and how difficult it is to protect the public from the potentially violent mentally ill.  All very important topics.  But there’s plenty of talk  out there about those issues.  And really, all I would say about any of them is that our country is in dire need of a change in morality and priorities before any of those issues can be fully addressed.

Maybe it’s the time of year–the after-Christmas doldrums, that are weighing me down and making me stay away from these burdensome topics.  Mostly, I’m reading blogs about simplifying my life, clearing away clutter, more efficient organizing, and decorating tips for winter months for a clean and calm home.  I’m keeping  most of the heavy news in the background these days.  At times, I want to be a news-of-the-day sort of blogger.  I certainly keep myself well-informed and, I think I form pretty solid opinions about what is going on in the world.  But sometimes I envy those bloggers who regularly write entertaining posts about decorating inspiration, household disasters, or poignant family moments.  They seem a lot less despairing of the state of the world, a little more serene (at least for the moments it takes to write their posts).

So, while I’m conflicted about the sort of blog this is (political and serious or light-hearted entertainment from a Conservative perspective), I still need to get words out there.  After all, you can’t become a better writer unless you write more.  In that spirit, here are some totally random thoughts to consider:

  • As predicted, “The King’s Speech” did not take in all of the Golden Globe awards last night.  It was snubbed in favor of  “Social Network.”  Sigh.
  • Still in the Anglo vein…Did you know that more than 20 years after the fact, you still cannot donate blood if you spent a significant amount of time in England between 1980 and 1996?  This is due to a serious outbreak of mad cow disease in Britain in 1986 followed by an up-tick in human variant cases.  I fall into this category of indefinitely banned donors after studying abroad smack in the middle of the outbreak.
  • Why are all of the network shows on hiatus until “after the Superbowl”?  I know the weekends in January are pretty much exclusively football, but come on!  What about the rest of the week? 
  • In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, schools across the country are closed.  So are the local libraries and recreation centers.  So what we have in my community are a bunch of bored kids stuck at home (since their parents must work–unless they work for a government entity).  They can’t go to the library to get caught up on schoolwork or just find something to, gasp, read.  They also can’t go swim or play or exercise at the rec center.  So much for the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

That is pretty much what is on my mind today.  That and how to manage feeding the family all week when SuzyQ has chorus commitments every night but one.  If only I wasn’t Uncommon, I could hit the drive-thru on the way to the event.  Sigh.

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