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Red Dawn

We had a family movie night tonight.  The feature film was “Red Dawn,” the classic from 1984.  I think I remember seeing it way back when, but I couldn’t recall lots of it.  The kids were seeing it for the first time.

Certainly this is not a movie worthy of any best actor, etc. awards.  In spite of that and the dated explosions and lackluster warfare effects, this 26-year-old film gave me the creeps.  It fit very nicely into the general feeling of doom I’ve had for a while.  No, I don’t believe we are in danger of a Russian invasion, but I could envision a breakdown of society and a “complete transformation of America,” as our president, the Chosen One, has promised. 

In the film, who is on our side?  No one, except the British, who, we are told, won’t last long.  That seems about right if you look at the behavior of our allies lately (Iraq, Afghanistan…).  Oh, and the Chinese, but in the real world, China owns us.  They would want to protect their investment, not destroy it.  Interestingly enough, in a  remake of “Red Dawn” planned for release this fall, China is the enemy instead of the Russians.  They wouldn’t need to bother with a military takeover.  All they have to do to bring us to our knees is call in our debt.

It’s interesting to note that in the movie, the heroes find shelter and encouragement with a family that lives way outside of town.  They have rows and rows of preserves on a shelf and a contraband radio made out of a Sara Lee pound cake tin.  It makes me wonder, should the unthinkable happen, what will become of Americans today who are SO dependent on convenience foods, technology, and virtual everything.  Who knows how to preserve food?  Who even carries cash anymore?

Also very eerie in the movie is the revelation that the invasion force poured across the US border with Mexico.  Gee, I wonder if anything like that could happen today??  Wait, it’s already happening; it’s just not an organized military force.

OK.  Perhaps this wasn’t the best choice for Saturday night entertainment.  I think while I’m praying for a completely different kind of complete transformation of our country, I should just stick to DIY Network.


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