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I Get Discovered!…Not Really

I’m still a rookie when it comes to blogging.  It has been a little over 6 months, and I’m still figuring out new things every day.  I get excited when I try to add video to a post, and it actually works!  I bought a couple of books about getting started as a blogger, and I still have plenty to learn.  RSS Feeds?  Search engine optimization?  Still doing my homework.

It doesn’t take an expert blogger to know that traffic is a good thing.  WordPress is thoughtful enough to keep track of all kinds of statistics about my blog.  Views per day, busiest day ever, top posts.  It’s all there in nice graphs.  Some days this can be depressing.  I think I’ve just written my best, most inspired post ever, and I learn that it has been viewed twice.  That would be Darling Husband and SuzyQ or maybe my sister.  No worries.  I’m just starting out.  Back to the drawing board. 

Then one day I check my stats and see that I’ve had 12 views!  The next day, I’m up to 30!  Then 40!  What did I write about?  Was is because I got a little political?  Should I do that again?  Then I start to wonder–Where is all this new traffic coming from?  I do some homework about what all the stats mean and decide to look deeper into the referrers.  These are other web sites or blogs that link to my blog.  Sounds promising…until I realize that the web addresses listed under my referrers for those busy days are a bunch of gibberish.  Some of them look like they originate in Ukraine or maybe India.  Others are definitely porn sites.  Then there is the generic “other sources.”  I still don’t know what this is exactly.  It turns out that I am a victim of Referrer Spam.  All of those views are just attempts to get me to view the spammer’s site.  Why?  Their increased traffic gets them better search engine placement and more revenue from advertisers.  If I were to list my top referrers as some bloggers do, the spammer would get free advertising.

So, essentially, I have no way of knowing how many legitimate views I get until WordPress figures out a way to control referrer spam.  I can take a wild guess based on my number of subscribers.  Yes, I was a little disappointed.  But you know what they say about “If it looks too good to be true…”  Boy, is it easy to get caught up in the numbers, though.

I did get  some good laughs out of the whole experience, though.   As I was delving deeper into my stats, I checked out the list of search engine terms that people–or spammers–used to find posts on my blog.  Some of them are obvious, like “uncommonhousewife” or “homeschooling.”  But others make you wonder:

reading glasses admin

greyhounds and prednisone rage

palmetto bug

german word for enjoying someon’es hardship

orthodontic hell

wearing a girdle

the king’s speech movie correctness

grinch lotion

season’s greedy

hail and farewell dress code


hate lame parent commercial

bullet point for tonight’s state of the union

invasion literature blog

Yeah.  Hey, taken all together like that it sort of sounds like poetry.



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